What about Prom, Blaine? What about Prom!

Any excuse I have to quote my favorite movie, I take. Clearly. So, Saturday night was the annual employee dinner and the theme this year was PROM. Since I’m a huge fan of anything that gives me a chance to dress up, I took this opportunity to finally use this vintage pattern that I bought at a Vintage Expo in Santa Monica a few years ago. (Pssst, I made the dress on the right).

Sew Easy? More like, Sew Not Easy. Like what I did there?

Cute, right? The thing I love about this pattern is that the two dresses are similar, yet different enough so that if I made the other dress as well, no one would really know that they’re essentially the same dress, just plus or minus a few steps and pattern pieces. But I guess they’d find all of this out if they read my blog. And I don’t even know who “they” is at this point. Is it 1:00AM right now? Yes it is.

Moving along. I must add that this was my first time constructing a garment using a vintage pattern. The instructions were a little (or, kind of a lot) more difficult to digest and really comprehend than a modern day pattern, so the dress took a LOT longer than it should have. But, you live and learn. When I decide to make the dress on the left (above), it will most likely take me 60% of the time.

And, voila! The dress was a hit. I didn’t get crowned Prom Queen (yes, we totally voted for Prom King and Queen), but I am more than OK with that. I’m shy. Anyway, I had a lot of fun twirling around the dance floor in my puffy skirt, and for once doing the mashed potato actually made sense.

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