“It only costs $1 to see the giant horse!”

So the roommate and I decided to embark on the crowd attracting phenomenon that is the Orange County Fair this weekend. Because I don’t do fair rides, my main thrills come from the abundance of greasy, caramel-coated and fried foods. Oh gluttonous gluttonous day. Makes me feel gross just thinking about it; but hey, it’s not everyday I eat 10,000 calories in the span of 3 hours.

Other than the junk food, I always love the contests. Mainly, the quilting contest. One day I will enter in it, but for now I will just continue admiring. Also! Added bonus… some amazing person embroidered a picture of none other than Elizabeth I.

Expertly made quilts and embroidery

One contest I was very confused by was what seemed to be a “stuff” contest. Really. Display after glass display of themed stuff. Beach Boys stuff, Elvis stuff, a collection of Heinz cans?! My first thought was, ‘oh! They’re installations of some sort. Ready-made art! I get it…’ but no. I don’t think it was that complicated. So Kendra and I decided that we will enter in this “stuff” contest next year. She is probably the biggest collector (at least that I know) of Vivien Leigh memorabilia. And I am a moderate collector of Lucille Ball memorabilia. We’ll see what happens. It’s on!

We then headed over to the photo and painting exhibit, where we continued to be amazed and inspired. This piece was probably my favorite. It also reminded me that I need to do laundry.

The Girls, by Nancy Johnson

The last adventure that we embarked on was the animal section. I am not a big fan of farm animals because, well, they smell. But I did see a cute bunny. That was neat. That area was mostly just sad. I know the animals are probably taken care of considerably well (especially since I saw a few PETA signs here and there), but their cages were so tiny. Main complaint: Why the hell did it cost $1 to see the giant horse? And more importantly, why was said giant horse in the smallest tent imaginable, with barely any sunlight? I mean, yeah, that was a huge friggin horse. Wow. But, after being in the tent for 10 seconds I started feeling really bad for this horse, and so did the 7 other people in the tent. Kendra wanted to bring it home with us, but I told her that it wouldn’t even fit in our living room. Ultimately this horse made me think of the following scene from the critically acclaimed film, Follow That Bird (1985):
Big Bird: Say, there’s a lady named Miss Finch who’s chasing me. Do you mind if I hide in your fun fair?
Sam Sleaze: Why, no, not at all. We have the perfect place for you to hide. Right here in our hiding cage.
Sid Sleaze: You’ll be safe here.
Sam Sleaze: Yeah, real safe.
Big Bird: Gee, thanks. Oh, gee, I sure am a lucky bird.

Are you crying yet?

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