World of WarCraft, minus the “War”

I’ve been thinking lately about how lucky I am to be friends with such creative and talented people. All in their own magical ways. They never cease to inspire or amaze me.

So, last night I got back into my knitting after trying to think of something to make a friend for her 24th birthday. She too knits and crochets. It’s always a little hard thinking of things to make for someone who can make anything they want themselves. (I feel like that last sentence had a lot of pronouns, sorry). Anyway, after perusing my roommate’s Stich N Bitch Nation book, I decided to make this:
I hope you’re not reading this right now Desi!

So far it’s coming out really well. I’m using a vintage-looking mustard yellow yarn. Homegirl will totally be able to pull this off, whereas I would probably not be able to. :o )

In other news, being in close proximity to yarn and new patterns makes me itch for bigger projects. I REALLY want to make an afghan. I was thinking of going to the library after work to check out some books but then it dawned on me… YOUTUBE. And I found all of my answers! The best video (series) I’ve found so far is this one. And not only does it show you how to switch up the colors… a man is crocheting. Yes, a MAN. I love it.

In other, more dramatic news, check out my friend’s play! Watch the video to get a better idea. The costumes look amazing.

I Gelosi

3116 2nd St
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Now running through June 14th

How Much?
$20, or $10 with Student ID

I STILL don’t get it.
This may help.
Here’s the synopsis according to the website:
I GELOSI (“The Zealous Ones”), written and directed by David Bridel, tells the story of Italy’s first great traveling theatre troupe. In the late 16th Century the Gelosi company takes the provinces by storm, thanks to the beauty, wit and charm of Isabella Andreini, one of the very first women ever to play on the stage. Invited to perform at the Court of King Henri III of France, the Gelosi become the toast of Europe – until they risk the wrath of the Pope with a virulent theatrical satire. Hounded from the French Court, the company’s fortunes sink, despite the increasing brilliance of Isabella’s talents. Finally the company returns to the poverty from which it came.

Featuring masks, music, and costumes from the period, I GELOSI lovingly recreates the world of the commedia dell’arte and the actors whose life’s work consists of portraying the vivid archetypes Pantalone, Arlecchino, Il Capitano, and others. Yet dwelling beneath the glittering comedy of the play lies a vital question: is the theatre merely an entertainment, or is it a voice for the dispossessed?

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  1. Kate
    Posted June 4, 2008 at 10:23 pm | Permalink

    Hooray! I’m proud to be an enabler.


  2. Posted June 12, 2008 at 12:42 am | Permalink

    shrug=cute. yay!


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