Custom Crocheted Gaming Gloves

Ain’t nothing better than giving a handmade gift. And I’m not only saying this because I’m a maker of handmade things, but because it’s true. The effort and love and time dedicated to making a handmade gift is palpable.

Ok, that was a little dramatic. But true, although, I was watching Frasier while I made these, and eating those sugar cookies with the frosting. SO good. Anyway, Rocio asked me to make something for our good friend Bri’s birthday. We thought gloves would be a good idea. I was excited to make these because I have been wanting to try my hand at a glove pattern for honestly about 2 years now, but just keep getting side tracked. I searched on Ravelry and found this pattern by Robyn Fleming. The gauge was a little different than Robyn’s pattern because I used Vanna’s Choice yarn (the only choice! haha). I heart Vanna’s Choice. It’s super soft and there are amazing colors to choose from. Anyway, my chain was 30 stitches in length instead of Robyn’s 25. I made a few changes as I saw fit, but overall it was a great pattern for glove-making beginners like myself. I hope Bri likes the gloves (and doesn’t see this blog entry before she receives them in the mail)!

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