New Paintings by Ryan Martin at Mark Wolfe Contemporary

Howl by Ryan Martin (Oil on canvas)

Happening now through November 27, 2010, you too can check out Ryan Martin’s new work at Mark Wolfe Contemporary (1 Sutter St, Suite 300, San Francisco, CA 94104)… and please do. You will thank me later, or Ryan, rather.

New Paintings by Ryan Martin at Mark Wolfe Contemporary

In a world where we are constantly bombarded by manipulated digital photos and computer graphics it’s refreshing to be surrounded by art that feels rich with organic and traditional technique, but with a modern twist.

Dress You Up by Ryan Martin (Oil on canvas)

One of my favorite pieces (shown above) looks like something out of art history books… it looks as if the “original” piece has been re-appropriated with a do-rag and bling – sort of like putting a grill on your grandpa, but in this case not embarrassing  or awkward at all. Ryan’s work evokes tradition, with individuality, nostalgia, and familiarity tossed together I with a dash of social issues and fun cameos thrown in the mix.

Here’s a goofy photo of Ryan and me (and Marilyn) hanging out in Lake Merritt

Did I mention that Ryan is my cousin? Nepotism alert! But hey, cousin or not, the kid is damn talented and I’m so so proud of him. Be sure to check out the show if you’re in town!

Photo Credit: Ryan’s Blog

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