Don’t worry, Eat BBQ


That was the theme of this weekend. Four friends and I decided to be adventurous and live life on the wild side this weekend and went camping at Park Moabi. And by living life on the wildside, I mean pitching our tent at midnight, sleeping on and around rocks that we forgot to move before we pitched our tent, and encountering spiders the size of my hand in the bathroom. Ok, well, the first two things were true.

It was a great weekend though, and boy, does my friend’s aunt know how to make some excellent Korean BBQ. Excellent food in general. YUM.

Alas! Since it is summer time (even though it may still be gloomy out), today’s Upcycle Sunday is appropriately themed for hot, sunny, beachy times. Today I turned a Dodgers shirt I’ve had for a few years into a bathing suit cover up of sorts. I was inspired by a cute shirt that one of my friends wore to the river. So here we go!


This project was a quick one. Took a little less than half an hour. I started using an adult small shirt. Although, I think the shirt is actually a medium… but who knows.


The first step is to remove the sleeves at about a half inch inside of the seam. Throughout this project, make sure you make your cuts very clean, otherwise you’ll have to go back and fix it later… unless you like that raggedy look.


Next, cut the top of the shirt. We will be reattaching this later.


Next, try on the shirt and mark how low you would like your neckline to dip. Fold in half to cut evenly and trim any excess. You want to remember that for this project, the less fabric you’re left with, the better. (But don’t get all hoochie on me.)


Here, I started getting a little experimental. I should have prefaced this tutorial with: I have never made a bathing suit cover-up out of a t-shirt before. So just as you are learning, so am I. I just cut the shirt in a way I thought would work.


After that slicing and dicing, I took the two pieces and twisted it up. I then pinned the back straps to the front straps and secured it with a straight stitch using my sewing machine. I think it would work to just tie the straps as well.


And there we have it! As I am sitting here staring at it on my dress form, I think I might go back and make the neck line dip about an inch lower. Live and learn, right? Well, this once-a-year outdoorswoman needs her beauty sleep. Have a lovely week and don’t forget that you can almost always turn something old into something fab. True story.

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  1. CATHY
    Posted June 15, 2009 at 6:10 pm | Permalink

    are you going to wear pants with that dress/shirt?


  2. Posted June 15, 2009 at 6:52 pm | Permalink

    “This ain’t no 5 star resort.” – Cathy



  3. Posted June 17, 2009 at 6:23 pm | Permalink

    teehee… I must have forgotten to comment… just viewing your good ideas and running I suppose…. hehe… I gotsta get to the upcycling!


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