Notebook on Cities and Clothes


I watched this documentary last night called Notebook on Cities and Clothes. It’s a film about Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto directed and filmed by Wim Wenders.

Notebook on Cities and Clothes is a slow paced, relaxed look at an industry that often moves at a mile a minute. Filmed in 35mm, Wenders helps audiences see through the window of this man’s world. We get a lot of one on one time with Yamamoto. We see what inspires him, and are privy to his idea of what he does. He is not a fashion designer. That is not his goal. His inspiration comes from photos from the 19th century working class and the garments they had to wear to live their lives. He is the opposite of what his native Tokyo seems to promote: excessive consumption. He explains that Tokyo encourages over-consumption. Buy everything, be more fulfilled. He shares that his worst nightmare would be to design clothing that people cannot wear and function in on a day to day basis. Yamamoto is a quiet, yet mesmerizing man.


A few pieces from his A/W 09/10 collection. (Photo Credit)

The film as a whole was not as exciting as some of the other fashion documentaries I have seen. At times it was quite boring. But I think that is what makes it stand out from other depictions of the “fashion” world. In a way, Wenders was able to tell the story of an artist and philosopher than that of a fashion designer.

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    hot entry!!!! i want to see more pictures.


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