Thrifting in SF

Today my roommate and I are off to Goodwill in the Mission to scope out the furniture scene. Hopefully we’ll find something cute and comfy for our living room… but secretly I have another, more exciting quest. Faux. Fur. Coat.

1930s Fur

I’m looking for a faux fur coat that is perhaps a little more 1970s inspired but not obnoxious. Something subtle, and something WARM. Man oh man, it is getting cold. There’s nothing I want more than to buy a snuggie and wear it outdoors… but, luckily my conscience stops me from doing that… or even from buying one.


Here is an example of what I don’t want. A little too much fur. But I really love this photo.


I feel like with a faux fur coat, one can easily look either overdressed, look like a crazy lady, or look like a high class hooker. I don’t want to look like any of those. I feel like Rachel Zoe may be slightly responsible for my sudden obsession with the fur coat. She makes it look so good (most of the time). She’s the queen of high class bohemian, and that is precisely what I’m going for.


This is more of a bolero, but I’m sure you know what I mean. So, I’m off! We’ll see what I can find… and hopefully we will find a couch as well. Have a nice Sunday, kittens!

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