C Dnyem Rojdenya Mama y Arianna!

So, yesterday was my mom’s and my sister’s birthdays. Yes, they were born on the same day (separated by 30 years, of course). Silly me, I didn’t even remember until around 4 o’clock. I blame it on my looming quarter century birthday and possible pre-senility. As my sister so kindly reminded me yesterday when I apologized for not wishing her happy birthday sooner, “It’s ok, you’re halfway to 50. Your memory problems are understandable.”

Every year I try to be more creative with their birthday gifts, but I think this year I fell short of my own expectations. That’s ok. I got my mom a 6 month subscription to Netflix. I figure it’s the gift that keeps on giving. And since Arianna is really into French culture, I figure French films should do the trick. I got her Amelie and Paris, je t’aime. Although, since I can be kind of a cheapskate sometimes, I bought them used on amazon.com. I now have learned my lesson and will never buy used DVDs as presents ever again. Paris, je t’aime came in a blank dvd case. So it essentially looks like a bottlegged copy. Ew. But lucky for me, my sister could care less.


BUT because I am an advocate of handmade gift giving, I have still managed to crochet some adorable make-up cases that hopefully they’ll appreciate.

In other news, my roomie Kendra and I have started our semester long trek to become PHP experts. Wish us luck. My plan is to rebuild/redesign this blog from the ground up once I grasp php. So far, all I know how to do is download XAMPP which has Apache, MySQL, etc. And that was a success! It’s all about the baby steps.

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