I Saw the Sign: Marina Edition


I have not been living in the San Francisco for very long so most of my notions about particular neighborhoods are preconceived and derive from my more SF-native friends.

The Marina is one of those neighborhoods I have heard both negative and positive things about. From the alleged abundance of “frat boys” and conservative “douche bags” to the beauty and elegance that the Marina affords its residents and visitors – it seems like everyone takes something different away from this place. To me, the Marina at times reminded me of Newport Beach, Huntington Beach and Long Beach. All places I am very familiar with.


One thing that confused me in the Marina, and confuses me in any area of the city, is when something is called, for example “Presidio” or “Cow Hollow” when it is not in those areas. We encountered this quite a bit yesterday while strolling through the Marina. Luckily my roommate has lots of patience for my newbie questions.


The signage for this photo shop just made me really happy.


The sign and logo for Marina Meats is pretty simple, but I think it’s well done. The striped awnings paired with the vintage looking burgundy and beige logo and san serif font work is absolutely perfect. It evokes the feeling that you are indeed by the ocean, and in a luxurious part of town.


I thought this poster was clever and hilarious. They had several up, another with a piece of toast that said “We do it with the crust on.” Kudos, Whole Foods.


Alas, this virtual tour of the Marina cannot be complete without some visuals of the amazing houses. This solar-powered house in particular stuck out like a sore thumb amongst the century old structures that surround it.


This place was breathtaking. Snuggled on the corner of two streets I can’t remember the names of, this house, or building, or mansion… whatever it is, was in my opinion the prettiest in the Marina.

And there you have it. I Saw the Sign: Marina Edition was a fun adventure. I apologize for the gloomy photos. It was really overcast that day. Also, I didn’t capture as many signs as I should have because I was tired of walking. You try going on a walking tour of the Castro in the morning and then taking a mile plus stroll of the Marina for fun! Needless to say, my lesson was learned. These boots were made for walkin, but my feet are moody. Maybe next time I’ll try one of those Mr. Toad Tours. They seem cheesy, but potentially really fun.

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  1. Posted October 12, 2009 at 9:35 pm | Permalink

    Also, try getting dicked around by MUNI! I’m a big defender of the buses but that 24 nonsense was nonsense.
    I can’t wait for future neighborhood editions of I Saw the Sign!


  2. Posted October 12, 2009 at 10:16 pm | Permalink

    I agree. What was up with that last night? Oh well.

    And yay! Next on my list are the Mission and the Castro. Stay tuned!


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