Sunday Inspiration: “Spread yo wings, girl!”


Miss Chicago and the California Girls, 1971
Poster produced by the Feminist Art Program, Fresno State College, Calif.
(Scanned from The Power of Feminist Art: The American Movement of the 1970s, History and Impact)

The above poster is from the beginning of the Feminist Art Program which was established by Judy Chicago when she accepted a teaching position at Fresno State. Chicago chose Fresno State because it was so isolated from the art world. She also decided that the program should operate off campus so her students could function in a space free from patriarchy. Chicago’s motivation was to help her students find a sense of self in their work, feel comfortable to create art, be open to formulate their own ideas and feel understood; all things that she felt she did not receive from her own arts education.  As the story goes, finding a studio was incredibly difficult for the women, as landlords were ambivalent to rent space to them because they couldn’t understand why a group of women needed a space to do “work.” Chicago’s program at Fresno only lasted one year, since she was hired to co direct the Feminist Art Program at the California Institute of the Arts.

In related news, the Health Care Reform Bill was passed yesterday. Unfortunately the House included an amendment which would ban federal funding of abortion in the public option. This is lame and incredibly upsetting. If you are also upset by this decision, voice your opinion by sending a message to the President here:

In other maybe sort of not really related news, Miss Marissa (aka my fabulous roommate) has established a new blog that focuses on the San Francisco art scene, her favorite films, and photos that she takes around the city. I love it so far, you should check it out:

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