InDesign = Digital Interaction

Apple’s iPad + Adobe InDesign’s forthcoming interactive e -Publication Capabilities= BFFs

Who would have thought that sweet interactive elements from web/flash design would sneak their way into our sometimes a bit stuffy InDesign program? The idea never really crossed my mind, but when speaker Diane Burns discussed it today at the Mogo Media InDesign Seminar in “San Francisco” (really, San Bruno) my mind was BLOWN.

Within the next month or so, according to Ms. Burns, Adobe will be releasing an application for InDesign users that will allow us to develop interactive e-publications that will be able to be viewed on the iPad. As it is, tools already exist that enable us to design our InDesign documents in such a way that when they’re viewed as pdfs on an electronic device (whether it’s the Kindle or the iPad), they can be read vertically as well as horizontally while still looking well put together and pleasant (i.e. using anchored objects to keep graphics where they should be in an article). We are also currently able to incorporate Flash and SWF elements in InDesign for a true digitally interactive PDF experience (i.e. sound files, video, buttons, ANIMATION… yes, I said it, etc.), but are only viewable on a Mac or PC.

This is really exciting and ALMOST makes me want to buy an iPad. For now, I’ll just bogart my boyfriend’s whenever I visit and think about all of the work that went into the New York Times and his free copy of Moby Dick.

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