Bet your bottom dollar you’ll lose the blues in Chicago

The countdown begins! In less than a month my good friend Bri and I will be spending 4 days in the windy city. I’ve been once before, in 2005 with two friends from college. That was a trip I will never forget. That time we had flown in to Minneapolis and drove down through Wisconsin to good ole’ Chicago… with some interesting events occurring in between of course. I am excited to see how the city has changed, or if my perception of the city will be different as a 24-year-old, versus the 21-year-old who last walked that Magnificent Mile. I’m definitely not as blond as I used to be…

Tati in the City

I’m really stoked that Bri and I basically want to see the same things when we’re there. We both want to go to the Museum of Science and Industry… and I wish it were April BECAUSE that’s when the Harry Potter Exhibit opens. Whyyyy. Oh well, hopefully it will travel to California? I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Anyhoo, being the art fan that I am, I cannot go to Chicago without visiting the Art Institute. In 2005 I went to the Museum of Contemporary Art instead of visiting the Art Institute. I look forward to getting up close and personal with American Gothic… ok, not too close I guess. But here is my homage, taken at a wine bar in Irvine about a year ago. It would have been clever if this photo was reflective of the recession, but it’s the total opposite:

Neo-American Gothic

My friends crack me up.

Anyway, I have just over 25 days until I will be taking over the Midwest! Watch out Midwesterners, with your neat accents and good cheese. I’m hoping that when Bri and I are out there we’ll be able to see our friend’s band, Beautiful Losers, perform.

Beautiful Losers

I’ve been told that they will sometimes do a 311 cover at their shows… I’ll have to see it to believe it.

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  1. cathy n.
    Posted February 9, 2009 at 6:37 pm | Permalink

    What a funny photo!! The question is… which one am I referring to?


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