Bombay Bicycle Club

I really have to attribute half of my new music discoveries to Lastfm (add me!). Lately I have been listening to Tokyo Police Club radio and have thankfully been introduced to Bombay Bicycle Club.

My favorite song is “Always Like This” but unfortunately Universal Music Group has blocked anyone from embedding the video. Not to worry, “Dust on the Ground” (in the above video) is a good song as well.

These boys hail from the great United Kingdom and have recently released their first full length album I had the Blues but I Shook them Loose.

Apparently their album was produced by Jim Abbiss, the guy who produced the Arctic Monkeys’ debut album and Ladytron’s Witching Hour. I love both of those albums, I will most likely love this one (and from my first listen, I already do).

I don’t know what it is about my fascination with British bands lately, but it’s what my ears have been thirsting for. I would love to see Bombay Bicycle Club live, but according to their Myspace they don’t have plans to play in the US anytime soon. Bummer. Oh well, I always have Lastfm and Youtube.

I have a feeling that these guys will attract a fairly wide audience (for an indie band). Much like Cold War Kids a few years back. If you like the Arctic Monkeys, Tokyo Police Club, or heck, U2 (with far less production, of course), it is probable that you will enjoy Bombay Bicycle Club. Give ‘em a spin.

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