I feel like I’m listening to a college radio station.

I always seem to find myself in blog-worthy situations when I hang out with two of my favorite ladies.


So, last night we decided to head to beautiful downtown Santa Ana for dinner and a show. Meli suggested that we stop into The Crosby for a drink, and this place was great.


There’s no sign outside, so unless you have been there before, or accidentally stumble upon it, you might just never be aware of its existence. The place was not crowded at all, and was artsy (with the decor, and the patrons), but in a non-pretentious way. Everyone was really friendly, and good vibes were present.


We then walked over to the Yost Theater where KUCI Nights was being held. On the way there Meli gave us a brief history lesson as we took in the beautiful architecture of downtown Santa Ana. Apparently, the Yost theater used to screen Spanish speaking films from the 1940s up to the day it closed in 1985. It has recently reopened, and I’m really glad it has. The space is a nice escape from the modernity of the majority of Orange County. The ceiling is intricately designed, the chairs recline… it’s really the little things that count.

We showed up during Death to Anders‘ set. Sitting there in the still quite empty auditorium/theater, I thought to myself… Hmmm, I feel like I’m listening to a college radio station. And then quietly laughed at my own thought.


Unfortunately, I was not impressed. Fortunately, those reclining seats came in handy. Death to Anders were ok, perhaps just not my cup of tea. The singer’s voice was reminiscent of Stan Ridgway of Wall of Voodoo. And the lyrics just did not resonate with me… “I’m the dollar, you’re the whore”…. No.

In between sets, the afro clad DJ spun disco and dance music… and I quietly wished that we could just dance to that all night.

Next up was The Shys. Already their presence was more captivating than the first band… just with the first few seconds of their first song. They embody everything I imagine an “indie rock” band to be. Clean cut, smart lyrics and uptempo/friendly. Their set was fun. Do I call myself a fan? Not really. But I would want to see them again.


The last band that we stayed to see was Castledoor… and I’m so happy that we did! They were my favorite band of the evening. They had a very colorful and happy-go-lucky presence; they were such characters. I loved their music and I loved watching them play. They look like a group of friends who are just hanging out, playing music, and having a really great time. My favorite song was “Fifth Tambourine,” which was essentially about dreaming of being a part of your favorite band.


I thought the show was a great idea for an otherwise dull Thursday night, and I hope to attend more KUCI Nights’ shows.

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  1. cathy
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    I really like “hidden treasure”


  2. cathy
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    ps. very good coverage/view. i hope to see pictures soon :)


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