So tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1899, or 1929, or 1969!

Just wanted to showcase a few of my favorite bands who are absolutely fantastic and deserve your attention. Each is incredibly unique and brings something special to the music world and the lives of those who give them a listen. These bands are so inspiring to me and I hope they inspire you as well!

Rasputina – Ahhhh, Rasputina. With the sweet and raspy contrast of your cellos. This innovative threesome uses distortion with their cellos to take the listener on a dark yet beautiful victorian journey, where opium, and antiquated medical procedures still seem to be relevant topics of discussion. Fun Fact: Rasputina has opened for many bands, most notably Marilyn Manson. Melora also toured with Nirvana as their celloist.

Now, continuing through the timeline we have Janet Klein and her Parlor Boys. Bringing us the hits from 1910-1940, listening to their music (or even seeing them live) is what I would imagine time travel to be like. I have seen them twice at the Steven Allen Theater in Los Angeles, and they were great! The band is so happy-go-lucky and everyone walked out of the theater with a smile on their face.

Next and last on my list (for now) is Camera Obscura. Back in the day when my college roommate’s boyfriend used to spoil her with various mix cds, I would often find myself in her car benefitting from his thoughtful endeavors! Once upon a time we were in her car and this sweet-sounding voice came dancing through the speakers and I was instantly in love. I listen to Camera Obscura when I’m happy, when I’m sad, and when I’m indifferent. They make any drive more enjoyable and for some reason make me want to go thrift shopping.

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