Thursday Inspiration: Happy/Sad Songs

Now it’s just like we never was…

… some things go bad just because.

Hello world. Please please please watch the video. I was in a weird mood when I got home from work today… I attribute it to all of the sappy music I was listening to on the bus ride home. And then out of the blue this little diddy popped up on lastfm and cured my temporary blues. But then I thought about this song and got a little blue all over again. Music is so powerful.

Not to worry though. I have The Office and 30 Rock to watch in a little bit! Sorry my posts have been so few and far between lately, but I’ve been a busy gal. Been workin’ the new job which I love more than I can express here. So thankful and blessed. And I’ve been doing more freelance work which takes up mucho tiempo, as well as writing por el blog de televicion.

This weekend I have two visitors coming up for Halloween. Should be rad. We’ll see what kind of trouble* we can get into this weekend. Last weekend was fun. I need to write a blog update about it though. But I will say, I saw some really great art and had the best tamale… probably of my life. Stay tuned.

* Good, clean fun.

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