3-Day Weekends

3-day weekends are the best But you never know when you may run into mild tragedies, which I did, but I’m fine, and life goes on. The good things that happened this weekend include but are not limited to:

  • going to my first meeting with my Taproot project team
  • watching Tales of the City with my roomie and totally being blown away by the crazy, twisty plot
  • hanging out with my cousin Ryan, watching Black Swan and checking out the galleries downtown
  • sleeping in until noon… even though doing so gave me a MAJOR headache
  • going to the Alemany Flea Market with Jane and finding some amazing things
  • hanging out at Kan Zaman with the mister and his roomie, and then finally watching The Wrestler
  • crocheting some super cute new slippers for Valentine’s Day and the craft/art show!
  • celebrating my roomie’s NEW JOB at an awesome media non-profit. Super excited for her.

Lastly, and unfortunately (maybe) for my wallet… I discovered that you can shop Forever 21 ONLINE. Hence my new shoes (seen above). My goal was to buy some warm things for my upcoming London trip (t-minus 14 days!), but I couldn’t NOT get these shoes. I loves them.

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