Adventures in Japantown

Sometimes, you just need a day of random adventures. Today was one of those days. Two gals, one mission: to catch up. I recently returned from my vacay in London. Although a short trip, it’s important to reconnect! And while doing so, I reconnected with our beloved city, from the safety (and warmth!) of a car. Did I mention it was raining today? The car was a definite plus (thanks, Jane!)

I know, kind of ridiculous, but what was more ridiculous was the shriek sound I made when I saw Hello Kitty taking photos in the store – I HAD TO GET ONE! Also, Jane and I did not coordinate our outfits this morning, yet we were twinsies today.

We were also excited about taking purikura photos. It was $10 but TOTALLY worth it. I can’t wait to take my sisters and cousin there when they come up to visit in April. Hilarity will ensue.

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