Change Clothes and Go

Photo Credit: Bubble Girl by Banksy

Lately, I’ve found myself to be in somewhat of a strange head space. I attribute this to not having much time to do absolutely nothing… which, honestly, I rarely do because I don’t like being “bored”, but sometimes it’s really important. As my friend Frank N. would say, “it’s all a part of the creative process.” I need to remember this.

Anyway, sorry, I like to ramble on sometimes, but along with what I was saying about down time, it is during these gaps when I can escape from my bubble and breath some fresh air. And, well, if you give a girl fresh air, she’ll also want a refreshing glass of water… and by water I mean, HAHA! – Stuff to do, people to see, places to go. Like Ms. Badu, my cipher also keeps rolling like a rolling stone, I guess.

Correcting Ono by Charles Gute

Running from April 10th – May 15th at the Catharine Clark Gallery, you too can geek out over copy-editing goodness. Charles Gute takes text-based art from the 1960s and 1970s and decides to make his mark, literally. Visit the gallery this month to see what kind of damage by way of repair Mr. Gute has done.

Anjelica Huston as Miss Eva Ernst and The Grand High Witch

Man oh man. Next Saturday, April 17th, $10 will get you into the Castro Theater‘s Matinees for Maniacs double feature of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971) at 1:15pm and The Witches (1990) at 3:30pm. I’m kind of ‘meh’ about Willy Wonka, but am sort of freaking out about The Witches… in a good way. That movie scared the shit out of me as a kid, but now I think it’s hilarious… but really, isn’t Anjelica Huston super scary in her witch garb?

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