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Martuni’s Piano Bar, Hayes Valley, San Francisco
Homegirl was singing a Ting Tings/Toni Basil medley. So much fun was had here.

Oftentimes when visiting friends in the city, we’ll go somewhere more than once in one weekend, which is a bit silly considering how the city is bursting with quality bars and venues. But Martuni’s was so much fun on Saturday night, that we decided to hit it up again on Sunday. It’s a really great martini bar in Hayes Valley/Castro. The atmosphere was like hanging out with musical theater friends. Boisterous, fun and super sassy.


Stacy and Siddiq flew down from Seattle to visit. They’re engaged! And awesome.

I was so happy to see our friend Siddiq. It has been over a year! I plan to head up to Seattle in a few months to visit them. I met Stacy for the first time and she was wonderful. We’re sunglasses twins! Basically, we both have excellent taste in eyewear.


Stacy’s beautiful giraffe half-sleeve tattoo. She and Siddiq met in the Peace Corps in Kenya.

I took the photo above for my mom. I waited until the third day we hung out to ask if I could snap a photo. I know most people are proud of their tats, but I thought I’d wait to get to know her better before I asked. Isn’t it amazing? My mom’s favorite animal is the giraffe, so I thought it would make her happy.


Marissa and I saw this shop in the Financial District on our way to North Beach. I dubbed it The Fonzworth Bentley Shop.

One of the many things I like love about San Francisco is the random boutiques/shops one may stumble upon. This shop was dedicated to the few men left on earth who wear bow ties and carry fancy combs. Presumably, men named Benjamin. It was adorable.

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  1. catooey
    Posted September 8, 2009 at 5:25 pm | Permalink

    You like men with bowties?? You’re a closet republican :P

    and I thought Anya likes mermaids? Haha


    tatiana Reply:

    Um, mermaids are not animals! They’re half people! Haha. And, I am not!


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