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I am all about open source. From open source code, to creative commons, you name it. I think it’s great. Recently I’ve stumbled upon this amazing website.
If you haven’t visited it already, DO IT NOW! is a great way to obtain patterns for FREE. Yes, free. Amazing. You can search for patterns based on difficulty level (Very Easy to Hard) or by garment type. All you need to do is register and own a printer (or have a generous friend who owns a printer), and you’re making your own stuff for close to nothing! As in, ZERO DOLLARS. I’m all about saving the moola.

Speaking of saving moola, if you’re interested in reading how you can become a more conscious consumer visit this lady’s blog for some nifty ideas: You Might As Well Burn $5!

Also, in recent weeks I have become more motivated about supporting local agriculture, and basically just trying to maintain a healthier diet. I have joined my roommate in purchasing all of our produce (fruits and veggies) from our local CSA (ours is but you can find out which CSA is most local to you and more info here). I say give it a whirl. I think it’s great so far. Granted, the baskets come with some really weird stuff. Alien-like plants/vegetables that look like they might eat me before I eat them (ok, I’m exaggerating a little, but kohlrabi is intimidating). Anyway, figuring out how to cook with new things is always a great learning experience. Mmmm and a yummy one. Go check it out.

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