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Zero Days of Summer: The Playlist

(Photo Credit: weheartit)

Howdy, kids! I know my last post was music-related, but here’s a lil playlist I put together today.

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So, as some of you may know, summer has not quite hit San Francisco – it’s been 65 degrees and cloudy for the last 3 months. As such, I’m trying to keep the summer spirit alive (and hopefully not get too mopey with my vitamin D deficiency) in hopes that it will be warm and sweater-free soon (at least for a few weeks) with these songs that remind me of summertime. Enjoy!

Change Clothes and Go

Photo Credit: Bubble Girl by Banksy

Lately, I’ve found myself to be in somewhat of a strange head space. I attribute this to not having much time to do absolutely nothing… which, honestly, I rarely do because I don’t like being “bored”, but sometimes it’s really important. As my friend Frank N. would say, “it’s all a part of the creative process.” I need to remember this. read more »

Thrifting in SF

Today my roommate and I are off to Goodwill in the Mission to scope out the furniture scene. Hopefully we’ll find something cute and comfy for our living room… but secretly I have another, more exciting quest. Faux. Fur. Coat.

1930s Fur

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Monday Inspiration: My Mom

Mom and Dad

I was sitting in the den with my parents the other day looking through old photos and I came across these from the “old days.” Above is a photo of my parents before they were married (circa 1979). Don’t I have attractive parents? I think so. (Ahem, that’s where I get it from!) Haha. Jk. I want to make a dress like the one my mom is wearing in this photo. This was a dress that she made herself! Too cute. My mom is always such a classy lady. I love how my dad seems to be presenting her like she’s a delicate porcelain doll… which is funny, because the lady is fierce (in a good way)! Don’t mess with my mom. Haha.


I love this picture of my mom at Disneyland, and I LOVE LOVE her sunglasses. So stylish! And I totally wear my hair that way. I’m more like my mom than I think…

Wednesday Inspiration



‘History I’ and ‘History II’ posters by Tony Robertson (Earthworks Poster Collective),
Sydney, Australia 1977

**Scanned from Suffragettes to She-Devils: Women’s Liberation and Beyond by Liz McQuiston**