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It’s Fleet Week in San Francisco

You know what that means…

Shirley Temple and Buddy Ebsen, Captain January (Butler, 1936) (Photo Credit)

… I might finally get my chance to tap dance with a sailor.

You don’t know what love is baby.

According to my google calendar, March 16th was the day that  Cathy and I braved the traffic-filled freeways of Southern California to attend the MSTRKRFT record release party at the Roxy Theater in good ole’ Hollywood. She had free tickets, and it was the day after my 25th birthday, so I figured, why not continue celebrating?


Dim Mak records was hosting the party, and we received free copies of the new album. (WOO!) This was my first record release party, so I had no clue what to expect. DJ Dan Ho was first up on the turntables. I liked his set a lot. At this point I was still wondering Will I be seeing MSTRKRFT tonight? and I don’t even know what MSTRKRFT looks like…


The place was starting to get crowded. Lots of early twenty somethings in attendance. I honestly felt kinda old in comparison… even though I’m not. The first DJ’s set came to an end (after about 15 minutes of watching a promoter guy texting while walking back and forth on the stage whispering whoknowswhat into the DJ’s ear). Anyway, Fist of God started bumping through the speakers and the crowd started dancing. Cathy and I included… for the first two songs… then we realized that we’d be standing around listening to the ENTIRE album.

Fast forward 30 minutes, and finally we realize that the “Very Special Guest” that was advertised on the tickets was DJ Steve Aoki! Our energy returned and he played an AMAZING set.


The guy was outta control, in a very good way. I definitely want to see him again. Super energetic and fun to watch. In addition to the madness that was already taking place ANOTHER special guest was revealed. It was the infamous Andy Milonakis who freestyled his way back into our eccentric, hip hop-loving hearts.


After I got home I gave Fist of God a good listen. I really like it, although I feel like MSTRKRFT is aaalllmooosttt there. What I mean by that is, they feature a lot of “big name” artists on their album: John Legend, N.O.R.E., E-40 and others. I really like what their doing, but I feel like they might remain under the radar for now with this album, but will most likely blow up and gain more main stream attention in the next few years.

Uptown Underground: OC


I heard about this public installation through a friend. It sounded intriguing… outdoor video installation about dancing, and a DJ providing the soundtrack.


So a bunch of us went, and 5 out of 6 were not disappointed. I was one of the 5. This piece was displayed outside of Segerstrom Hall at the Orange County Performing Arts Center in Costa Mesa, California. We parked (we found a way to park without paying… don’t tell anyone), walked over and I was surprised to see so many people. And bleachers! Like a classy football game. :o ) It was really cool to see so many people gather to view such a beautiful installation.


The piece was titled Slow Dancing by David Michalek and the video was projected onto the side of the building. The visuals in junction with the masterful mixing of KCRW’s DJ Jason Bentley made for a wonderful treat for the eyes and ears. And my hot chocolate was pretty good too.


I haven’t been this fascinated by the human body since I went to see the Body Worlds exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago 4 years ago. It was fascinating to watch the tiny ripples move across the dancers’ clothing like water.


Kids + Abstraction = Funny

So what is better than experiencing contemporary dance? Experiencing contemporary dance with a bunch of 5-12 year olds. Yup. That’s what I did on Sunday. I went to the RKDC open house to watch the preview piece for the upcoming Museum Project. Best exchange between two 7-year-old dancers:

Dancer #1: This is weird.
Dancer #2: I think it’s because it’s for a museum.

Oh kids. So cute. Anyway, here’s the info. Check it out if you can. (FYI: the piece will be performed by professional, non-adolescent dancers.)

The Museum Project


Torrance Art Museum
3320 Civic Center Dr.
Torrance, CA 90503
Sept. 28 & 29 @ 8pm
Sept. 28 @ 2pm
How much?
I STILL don’t get it.
This will be a site specific performance at the new Torrance Art Museum. So basically you’re killing two birds with one stone. You’re 1.) experiencing a once in a lifetime performance and 2.) visiting a brand new art space. Not too shabby.

“We were known as the baby ballerinas.”

Lately I have been reading a lot about European (mainly Russian) graphic design history. And in doing so stumbled upon posters for the Ballet Russes, and thought to myself “isn’t that documentary in my Netflix queue?” And indeed it was.

I really appreciate the fact that some amazing people decided to film the Ballet Russes performances. The concept of dance being a momentary and dynamic experience is a concept that has always left me feeling conflicted. Dance along with theater and other performance arts pieces (such as the Happenings of the 1950s & 60s or Fluxus art), can be performed forever (in theory), like Nutcracker ballet for example. But each performance and each combination of dancers and audience experiences are unique and differ. These performances are so valuable and precious because they, most of the time, are not filmed or really documented in a manner that makes them permanent, like a painting or a photo. They are not captured in a way that can be enjoyed by the masses forever, and in some aspects it is sad, but I think that in other ways, this is what makes the performances so magical.

It’s amazing that the filmmakers found all of this priceless footage, all of these amazingly talented 70-90 year olds and made this documentary. Although not a dance history buff, I am a fan of dance, and an ex-ballerina, err kind of. My most critically acclaimed** performance was dancing to the song “Hi-ho!” from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs when I was 12; my farewell piece, as I then retired from my 3-year dance career a few months later due to the inability to do the splits. :o P Enough about me, this film was well edited, well researched and full of richly descriptive and delightful stories about traveling the world to bring ballet to the people. I highly recommend it, if you haven’t seen it already.
Nijinsky Poster

So, like Center Stage or Dirty Dancing, this film made me want to dance. Like, as soon as possible. It also made me feel really out of shape compared to those 80-year-olds in leotards with those ever impressive plies and releves. In essence it made me think about the company that my friend dances with, and their upcoming open house, which I will probably check out… or actually maybe I’ll just go and watch. :o ) I’m kinda rusty.

Regina Klenjoski Dance Company’s Open House
Regina Klenjoski Dance Company

Torrance Cultural Arts Center, Studio I
3330 Civic Center Dr.
Torrance, CA 90503
Sunday, August 26, 2007
1-2:30pm: Modern Dance Technique with Regina Klenjoski
3-4:30pm: Showcase and sample classes
How much?
I STILL don’t get it.
The RKDC has performed in numerous venues and universities throughout the United States since opening its doors in 1993. Klenjoski’s pieces often explore her fascination with the human experience in a contemporary society. Utilizing partnering to convey diverse relationships in her pieces, Klenjoski’s clever voice brings a unique element to the world of contemporary dance.
This open house will create an opportunity for anyone in the community who has a love for dance to sample her classes and get a feel for her take on contemporary movement and choreography.

** not actually critically acclaimed… unless my parents count as critics, in which case, the performance was acclaimed.