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Absolute Kinography

Dziga Vertov’s Man with a Movie Camera (1929) is without a doubt one of the most visually inspiring films I have ever seen. It’s a big statement, I know. But it’s the truth. read more »

Adventures in Flyer Design: Procrastination Edition

As Russell cleverly asked in the episode of Six Feet Under I watched last night, “How can you grow as an artist if you don’t have the freedom to fail now and then?”

As I may have mentioned in the past, I love working on side projects here and there. I currently work as an in-house communications designer for an organization in San Francisco and I love it. The fun thing about working on side projects is that it gives me a chance to exercise the muscles that I am not using on a daily basis at my day job.

Not every side project goes as planned, unfortunately. We’re all human, right? Sometimes one area of your life becomes incredibly demanding and it effects other areas, which is fine. That’s the way life works sometimes.  That was my issue with this project. And as a result, I fell behind on my deadline and whipped this flyer up faster than I’d like to admit. Not at all my best work or as sexy as I would have liked it to be, but the client loved it. Was I lucky? Am I just a great mind-reader? Maybe both. Or maybe neither. I think it’s just as important to document failures (or, failures according to me) as it is to document successes. Regardless, I learned a lot from this experience. Anyhoo, on to the next project!

I Saw the Sign: Victorville Edition

Image: Victorville, California circa 1935

I haven’t been back to Southern California to visit my family and hometown since the holidays, so a few friends and I decided to drive down road trip-style last weekend. We left good ole’ San Francisco Thursday evening and got to our respective hometowns at a semi-respectable hour. read more »

Wednesday Inspiration: The love and the lives of (Wo)Man and Machine.

This is a beautiful illustration by Clare Owen that I found via the adorable Making Chicken Salad blog via my Google Reader via my laptop via my fingers and eyeballs. read more »

Monday Inspiration: Cable Car Beer Label Design

Last night I was walking through BevMo and I did a double take when I passed by a case of Cable Car Beer. The powder blue, bright orange and retro type are not typically used in beer branding and it totally caught my eye. I mentioned it to a friend I was with and he thought it was a pretty rad label as well. The more I walked through BevMo, the more gorgeous labels I noticed. I’ll need to do a top 10 beer label designs soon, but for now, let us all admire the beautifully positioned and selected type treatments and expert layout on the Cable Car Beer label. Well done.