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I Saw the Sign: Sausalito Edition

… or, SAUCY-lito, as we are now calling it.

Anyway, for a few weeks now, Marissa, Jane and I had been planning to check out Sausalito. I have never been and I kept hearing that it was a great place to relax, eat good food and take in the pretty views. So we met at the ferry and escaped our little city that was bustling with Fleet Week excitement (and, rightfully so, lots o’ visitors).

There were a lot of really great signs in Sausalito, so I thought I’d share some of the ones I came across. Here we go! read more »

I Saw the Sign: Victorville Edition

Image: Victorville, California circa 1935

I haven’t been back to Southern California to visit my family and hometown since the holidays, so a few friends and I decided to drive down road trip-style last weekend. We left good ole’ San Francisco Thursday evening and got to our respective hometowns at a semi-respectable hour. read more »

I Saw the Sign: Mission Edition

Man, I have been lagging with my I Saw the Sign posts. Today I bring you storefront signage from one of my favorite neighborhoods in San Francisco – The Mission. The Mission is known for it’s thriving latino culture, amazing food, and even more amazing murals. But let’s take a journey and appreciate the beautiful and historical signage that the Mission has to offer. read more »

I Saw the Sign: Haight Edition


Photo Credit: Evening Standard/Getty Images

When I think of The Haight, my mind goes to a place where I’m sure many others’ minds go as well. A place where acid trips and nudity go hand in hand with co-operative living situations and free love. I’m sure these things still occur here, and probably all over our lovely city, but on this particular day, on this particular stroll down Haight street, I got the impression that this neighborhood, although its rich history is palpable, has gone through some changes. Times change, as they say, and that change has left us with a living ghost town of sorts of a time that most of us wish we could have lived through. But since we have not yet invented time machines, we can just visit these places where significance took place and imagine what once was.

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I Saw the Sign: Marina Edition


I have not been living in the San Francisco for very long so most of my notions about particular neighborhoods are preconceived and derive from my more SF-native friends.
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