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A Movement Begins in a Million Pink Bedrooms


A few weekends ago I ventured out to one of my favorite streets in San Francisco (Valencia St) to visit this amazing zine show that I read about in SF Weekly at Goteblud, You Are Her: Riot Grrrl and Underground Female Zines of the 1990s. I was way too excited about this show. I know I say that a lot, but this time I mean it times 20. To be able to be surrounded by the zines and writings and manifestos that created a small yet extremely significant movement in the world and in my life… I was beside myself. Seriously out of body HOLY SHIT I CAN MAKE COPIES! AND TOUCH EVERYTHING?! experience. read more »

“Heathcliff, don’t break my heart.”


“Oh Cathy, I never broke your heart. You broke it! …You wandered off like a wanton, greedy child to break your heart and mine.

Monday evening two friends and I headed North to the ultra gaudy Beverly Hills, home to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to see Wuthering Heights (Wyler, 1939) which is a part of the Academy’s current film series: Hollywood’s Greatest Year – The Best Picture Nominees of 1939.

The film started at 7:30pm and we got there around 7:15pm, so we had some time to check out the displays in the lobby.


As you can probably tell, these pics were taken with my iPhone. I left my camera in the car. Doh! Oh well. Here, Kendra (probably the biggest Laurence Olivier fan under the age of 50) stands next to the french poster for Wuthering Heights.


Here, Kendra gives her thumbs up next to a photo display for the film. She was excited! So was I! The costume sketches were great.


Our $3 (with student ID) not only got us entry to see this wonderful film in the gorgeous theatre, but we also received this great program with fun behind the scenes information about Wuthering Heights.

We eventually found our way into the theater and it was PACKED! The screening began with a vintage Mickey Mouse cartoon which co-starred the always funny Pluto. Then an introduction was given by some guy who’s name I can’t remember. Next, Samuel Goldwyn Jr. came up to the stage to share with us the story of how his father (who produced this film) got a hold of this script by chance. One day he saw writer Ben Hecht moping around the studio and asked him what was wrong. Apparently his (and co-writer Charles MacArthur’s) adaptation of Charlotte Bronte’s Wuthering Heights was not being well received by studio heads. They were saying that it was too morbid. So Mr. Goldwyn read the script, and luckily for us, he loved it! It was nice of Mr. Samuel Goldwyn Jr. to share that story with us. We also had the privelege of seeing a 40 second behind the scenes clip of the cast and crew on location in Thousand Oaks, California where they filmed the cliff scenes. Very neat.

I don’t think I have the words to adequately express how fabulous this film is. This is the first time I’ve sat through the entire film and paid full attention. I’ve seen it probably 5 or 6 times before this, but always half-watching while working on my laptop. The acting in this film is top notch. The same cinematographer who shot Citizen Kane also shot this film. The costumes evolved beautifully throughout the film and supplemented the storytelling. Olivier is really intense as Heathcliff… but when is he not intense? I thought David Niven as Edgar was absolutely dreamy. I told Kendra that I thought he was more attractive than Olivier in this film and she responded “FAIL.” Haha. Lastly, I thought Merle Oberon played Cathy well. Cathy was such a bitch!

I highly recommend this film, if you have not had the pleasure of seeing and experiencing it already. If you enjoy romantic dramas, I guarantee you will appreciate this film.

Caffeine and Carbs

My results were not all that surprising:
The Caffeine Click Test - How Caffeinated Are You?
… and no, I did not sign up for the dating site at the end. In case you were wondering.

Anyhoo. Not too much to report today. BUT! I thought I’d share this great website that a friend told me about. It’s pretty creepy, just like the name!

Creepy Pasta

Creepypasta.com is a wonderfully dark and mysterious site full of dark and mysterious short stories. I LOVE IT.

To read without reflecting is like eating without digesting

So, this weekend I did what every other tween in America probably did: I saw Twilight.

Now before the mockery begins, I took my little sisters. That’s my excuse. :o ) I did not read any of the books, but after seeing this film, the second book seems to be calling my name. Having not read the books, I thought the writing in the film was borderline poor. The acting was very melodramatic at times, but I really loved the cinematography and the costumes. Particularly the baseball scene. Everything about that scene is great. And I must say, I kind of think Edward is dreamy.

In other book-to-film related news, my sister informed me this morning that she saw a movie poster for none other than the Confessions of a Shopaholic.

About two years ago I tore through these books. Well, the first two at least. The rest of them were kind of lame. I never read Shopaholic and Baby just because after reading the second book I was a little frustrated by Kinsella’s predictably formulaic style. But I’m thinking this will be one example where the film will be better than the book, which usually does not happen. We’ll see.

Anyway, going with the book theme of this post, I’ve included my latest review on Goodreads. No offense to my super cool friend who recommended this book to me. :o ) It just wasn’t my cup of tea. I’m almost to my goal of reading 24 books in a year. It doesn’t seem like much, but it is for me. That’s about 2 books a month. I’m going to try to up my goal next year to 3 books a month.

Weekend in Paris Weekend in Paris by Robyn Sisman

My review

rating: 2 of 5 stars
My good friend recommended this book to me one day when I said I was in the mood for good chick lit. But, you know, opinions are subjective. This book was as another reviewer said, quite predictable. I thought the flow of the story was a bit choppy and not woven together very well. I found the main character Molly to be a little too air-headed for my liking. The book wasn’t horrible; I did find it tolerable enough to finish the whole thing. I wouldn’t recommend it.

View all my reviews.

Again and again and again and again… or: How to Support the Arts from your Bedroom

This is totally me. Except I’m not a man. And I don’t own a Mac.

I totally have not been supporting the arts lately. I know I know, it’s horrible. I blame it on my three addictions, 1.) Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire , 2.) selling stuff on ebay, and 3.) etsy.com. If you haven’t checked out etsy.com you should. Like right now. Everyone should buy handmade. Why? Because I said so. And mother earth will like you that much more.

So I know you’re totally asking yourself, why is Tatiana posting if she has nothing to tell us? Au contraire, mon chere! Although I have not been supporting les arts (I don’t even speak french, but it just feels right), I have beaucoup recommendations pour vous. I have pretty much been addicted to these bands for the past few weeks, and I think it’s time I shared them with you. I introduce you to your new favorite bands. :o ) Or at least I hope…

Tokyo Police Club – Cheer it on


This is probably my favorite TPC song. I also appreciate their dedication in this video. They look like they’re really cold.

Grand Ole Party


So, usually when you go see a band you never really expect the opening acts to be any good. Right? I was totally underestimating the opening acts for the Rilo Kiley show I went to last week. Holy moly. Grand Ole Party was first up, and holy crap they were amazing. This was the best quality video I could find on youtube. Hopefully it does them justice. I <3 Grand Ole Party.

The Bird and the Bee – Again and Again


The Bird and the Bee also opened for Rilo Kiley, and like I told my concert buddy Hava, they were like the band version of a Disney cartoon. They were so magical, and dressed in bright colors. They just made me happy. And this song is probably familiar to you diehard Grey’s Anatomy fans. They put on a great live show that is reminiscent of the girl groups of yesteryear. The classic sounds of the piano paired with the in-your-face style lyrics make for the perfect listening experience. I think a dancing teddy bear onstage would have sealed the deal, but that’s just me.Add me on lastfm! Let’s be friends. I like to see what everyone is listening to. I’m nosey.