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Rainy Day Schedule

Today the mister and I were going to pay a visit to the Exploratorium since I’ve never been. (TACTILE DOME! I wanna touch-a touch-a touch-a touch things in the dark.) But the weather is poopy so, next time. That’s ok, though. I have way too much to do. I might have to head to the Mission at some point to buy some liner fabric. In the meantime, my To Do list includes making coffee, breakfast, and listen to more Joanna Newsom – she’s so perfect for a rainy day.

Sawdust and Diamonds by Joanna Newsom

What’s your color?

I know what I’ll be getting all of my designer friends for Christmas this year! Hahaha.

I saw these guys in the gift shop at SFMoMA. I went today to check out their 75th Anniversary show with Miss Kelly who was visiting from Orange County. It was great! I’ll have to share some of my favorite pieces tomorrow. Lots of good stuff. For now, I’m off to sleep, dream and hopefully wake up with lots of energy.

Like a liar at a witch trial, you look good for your age

I love Los Angeles. I love Hollywood. They’re beautiful. Everybody’s plastic, but I love plastic. I want to be plastic.- Andy Warhol

Now, now. I really do like LA. I love the energy, the history, and just the overall punk rock feeling mixed with the uber corporate. The best of both worlds really, but also an incredibly strange place. Very ugly beautiful, but the other way around, I guess. Beautiful ugly?

Enough of my rambling! There is a point to this entry, I promise.

It’s the beginning of June. The beginning of Summer. And when I think of summer, I think of travel and trips on the metrolink to LA, because I did a lot of that last year. Whether it was to visit friends who live there or to see shows, LA will always be associated with summer and good friends for me.

So! This summer there are a lot of cool exhibits and museums that I need to check out. You should too! Here are my top three that I need to see (like that rhyme?):

Classical Frieze: Eleanor Antin at LACMA


Remember a long time ago when I went to see WACK at the Geffen Contemporary? And how I went on and on about how much I love Eleanor Antin? Well, to reiterate, I think the lady is pretty great. I want to see her newer work and how she has evolved as an artist and great thinker.

The Darker Side of Light: Arts of Privacy, 1850-1900 at the Hammer Museum


The museum website describes this exhibit as the hidden art from this time; the seedy underbelly, if you will. Focusing mostly on works from France and Germany, these pieces present a darker side of the Impressionist era.  I’ve never been to the Hammer Museum. I remember last year they were showing Kara Walker’s work and I missed out! I will not miss this.

Craft and Folk Art Museum


Their tagline explains “because a shrinking world requires an expanded mind.” YES! I agree, CaFAM! Their exhibit Celestial Ash looks neat. Their other current exhibit doesn’t sound all that exciting to me. I’m interested in seeing their permanent collection. I can’t believe this museum is right across the street from LACMA and I’ve never noticed it! I stumbled upon this site today. I’ll keep you posted when I visit. Admission is $5 for general public. Not too shabby!

“There are some glimmers of hope.”

About a month ago I attended/volunteered at the 10th Annual FACTS Benefit, which was held at the California African American Museum in Los Angeles, their current exhibit titled “A Dream Realized” compared the life and legacy of Dr. King with that of President Obama through a series of similar photographs.

A Dream Realized Exhibit

I had never been there, and definitely want to go back sometime and check out all of the museums in Exposition Park. It seems like a fun place to take my sisters. Anyway, the event was really thought provoking. I learned so much about how many individuals and families are affected by Three Strikes. It was heartbreaking to meet so many mothers who have sons or daughters in prison for non-violent crimes that do not warrant a life sentence. After meeting these families and hearing their stories, it infuriates me to think that Californians could ignore these injustices. According to Dean Erwin Chemerinsky, who was the keynote speaker, African Americans make up 7% of California’s population, yet they represent 45% of those in prison because of three strikes sentencing. Something is definitely wrong here.

Dean Erwin Chemerinsky

The Benefit held a silent auction for artwork made by prisoners at Security Housing Unit — or the SHU, at Pelican Bay State Prison in Northern California. Prisoners are not allowed to use art materials in “the hole” so prisoners improvise and use paper pulp from magazines or toilet paper and place that on drawing paper. Colors are obtained by using the coating of vitamins, candy or coffee.

SHU Art by Gabriel Ramirez

A lot of individuals and groups were present to support FACTS and it was really great to see so many grassroots and non-profit organizations come together to create visibility for an issue that seems to be so hidden and unspoken. The Youth Justice Coalition was in attendance and a young activist performed a spoken word piece that was as gritty and dark as her experiences on the rough streets of LA. As she said in her poem “we’re the children who rose from Watts in ’65… we’ve had enough, take the system down, and build something, now.”

It is imperative that the three strikes law be amended. The prison industrial complex is flawed, prisons are astoundingly overcrowded, and there are obvious racial implications when looking at the statistics. Funding really needs to go to rehabilitation rather than putting people away for life for non-violent crimes. Until that happens, the injustice will continue, and these individuals and their families will continue to be oppressed by the system.

Bet your bottom dollar you’ll lose the blues in Chicago

The countdown begins! In less than a month my good friend Bri and I will be spending 4 days in the windy city. I’ve been once before, in 2005 with two friends from college. That was a trip I will never forget. That time we had flown in to Minneapolis and drove down through Wisconsin to good ole’ Chicago… with some interesting events occurring in between of course. I am excited to see how the city has changed, or if my perception of the city will be different as a 24-year-old, versus the 21-year-old who last walked that Magnificent Mile. I’m definitely not as blond as I used to be…

Tati in the City

I’m really stoked that Bri and I basically want to see the same things when we’re there. We both want to go to the Museum of Science and Industry… and I wish it were April BECAUSE that’s when the Harry Potter Exhibit opens. Whyyyy. Oh well, hopefully it will travel to California? I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Anyhoo, being the art fan that I am, I cannot go to Chicago without visiting the Art Institute. In 2005 I went to the Museum of Contemporary Art instead of visiting the Art Institute. I look forward to getting up close and personal with American Gothic… ok, not too close I guess. But here is my homage, taken at a wine bar in Irvine about a year ago. It would have been clever if this photo was reflective of the recession, but it’s the total opposite:

Neo-American Gothic

My friends crack me up.

Anyway, I have just over 25 days until I will be taking over the Midwest! Watch out Midwesterners, with your neat accents and good cheese. I’m hoping that when Bri and I are out there we’ll be able to see our friend’s band, Beautiful Losers, perform.

Beautiful Losers

I’ve been told that they will sometimes do a 311 cover at their shows… I’ll have to see it to believe it.