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A Little February Update

Image Credit: Kelsey Garrity Riley

This last month has flown by. People aren’t lying when they tell you that time flies as you get older. I feel like, because I am constantly either inventing or finding ways to fill my evenings and weekends, I don’t ever really have time to do nothing – which is really important. But I’m not complaining, I have a pretty cool life, and I’m thankful for that. BUT, of course, down time means watching quality (and sometimes poor quality) television. YES, my roomie and I have been addicted to this season of The Bachelor, which is horrifyingly catty and bad for women… but it’s SO ADDICTIVE. Also, I’m still pissed that he didn’t give Kacie B. a rose. What’s up with that, BEN!? In quality news, I just finished Season 2, episode 5 of Downton Abbey. I love this show so much. Lady Mary, just tell Matthew you love him already. I mean, really. Don’t marry that bland millionaire.

I’m visiting home again next month to celebrate my Dad’s birthday… and I guess my birthday too, since we share the same birthday. Kinda cool, right? I’m often told it is. My Dad is pretty rad, so I’m excited to give him his gifts and celebrate his general awesomeness.

This week I was lucky to catch a fun show at Hotel Utah here in San Francisco. Tornado Rider and Lake Street Dive both performed and both were exceptionally talented. I had so much fun, and can’t wait to catch another show.

In geeky news, my friend put together a small business book club, and I’m really excited about it. Although I’m missing the first meeting, the group is full of pretty amazing people… and gives me that mushy “San Francisco is so awesome” feeling.

Gabby Young and Other Animals at Amoeba SF, or: Finally, a Show I’d Like to See

I still feel pretty new to San Francisco and sometimes long for the days back in SoCal when my friends and I would hop in the car and shimmy up the 405 from Orange County to Los Angeles to see a show… it felt like this was on a bi-weekly basis. And I’m not complaining, but since I’ve moved here, I feel like fun live music is more difficult to find, but I have only myself to blame for this. read more »

Friday Inspiration: Cameos

The theme for this week’s inspiration comes from two places: the world of hip hop and the world of jewelry.

Here’s a video I took 2 years ago of Andy Milonakis making an appearance and impressing us with his skillz during Steve Aoki’s set at the MSTRKRFT record release party.

Next we have a piece from independent jewelry brand Trixie Mayhem that I stumbled upon on Facebook. Her jewelry is gorgeous and macabre, two of my favorite things:

Lastly, it’s Friday night, and although I took a two hour nap (on accident! my alarm never went off) I’m still a bit loopy. ALSO, I am still in the honeymoon phase with my new iMac… here it is in all its shiny, sleek glory:

And as a result of being too excited about my new computer AND a pair of super cute kitty headphones from Late to the Revolution, I decided to make this animated gif. Can you make a cameo in your own blog? Probably not I guess. Please note that this gif goes quite well with Breath by Telepopmusik (included below). You’re welcome.


P.S. I’ll finally post pictures from the photoshoot that happened last month (eek!) and photos from Unique LA soon! Stay tuned.

From ‘Clit Cut’ to ‘Vag-esty’: Why Warpaint is my new favorite band.

Last fall I BARTed over to the Fox Theater in Oakland to see the oh-so-talented and amazing The xx. My friend Meg and I were fortunate to catch the opening band – Warpaint, a mellow all-girl band with really pretty harmonious voices and expert guitar riffs  – with surprise screaming rock out moments here and there. We were instantly in love. Fast forward to around 6 months later, and we’re watching them headline a sold out show at The Independent in San Francisco. I don’t know them personally, but I felt so fucking proud of them. read more »

Sewing to the 80s

I’ve taken a mini break from crocheting to work on this dress that I’m planning on wearing to a work party. Yay! I haven’t sewn a dress from scratch in… er… well over a year. That is not good! This past weekend I went fabric shopping with a friend and found this fabulous mustard fabric that totally works for a vintage pattern that I bought at a vintage expo a few years ago. It’s a super cute 1960′s buttoned dress. I’ll post more photos when it’s complete! For now, you get this teaser photo.

As much as I love crocheting in front of the TV, I really do love sewing and listening to The Cure station on Pandora. Serious ear candy… Depeche Mode, Smashing Pumpkins, and my beloved New Order. Music is so inspiring, but I probably didn’t need to tell you that.