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Tell me this does not look amazing…


Wednesday, August 12, 2009
Doors open at 8pm, 21+
Tickets $20 (plus applicable fees)

I will most likely be at this show dancing my little booty off and taking an embarassing amount of iPhone photos of the Kid Millionaire (does he still go by that name?).  He’s pretty good looking, if you haven’t figured that out for yourself already. He’s also really fun live. I recently learned that Cathy has a huge crush on Danny Masterson, aka DJ Mom Jeans, so I’m sure I’ll have to keep an eye out on her. Calm yo’self woman! See you kids in Costa Mesa!

Topsy Turvy!

Man oh man. So many things to say in one post, I like to try to keep them focused on one or two topics, but not this time! This will be my circus/variety show-type post.


First of all, remember a long time ago when I wrote about Burda Style? And how awesome I thought they were because they provided open source patterns? Well, yesterday I received an email from them, as I usually do since I am on their mailing list, and I see this lovely pattern:


Unfortunately, you have to purchase it. Now, I’m all for paying for patterns. That’s fine. But when you advertise your company as “Open Source Sewing,” I feel that it is misleading to do so and charge for a pattern. The term “Open Source” derives from the free software movement, so the implications of this term are “FREE.” I mean, $3.50 is a bargain compared to some of the patterns out there for $18.95, but that is besides the point. I just feel a bit disappointed.

In other news, for all of you embroiderers out there, this fine lady (who’s blog is AMAZING, by the way) has uploaded a free embroidery pattern. And it’s super cute! I might actually try it myself… we’ll see what happens.


Moving on. Last night I got home and while going through my junkmail I found an advertisement for THIS. I think god loves me this month. Either that or Elvis Crespo was reading my mind and knew that I have ALWAYS wanted to see him live. SUAVE!

This is seriously the cheesiest music video, probably of all time. You gotta love the costume changes. I like to call it “The many faces of Crespo.”

Lastly, I recently joined Indiepublic. So far I’m digging it. It’s a nice way to network with other independent crafters, artists and designers all over the world. And everyone is super friendly! I spent about an hour on their site the other day and became really inspired and excited about adding more items to my etsy shop. Good stuff.

Alright kiddies! That concludes my Topsy Turvy post. Don’t forget to check out KUCI Nights at the Yost Theater this Thursday! Only $8! It’s a bargain to experience some new music. I’ll also be HERE on Friday. Yay Lykke Li! I’ve never seen her live, nor have I been to the Hollywood Forever Cemetary. Should be fun. I’ll try to take blog-worthy pics for you beauties!

“To see something in me is to fall in love with a B film”

One of my favorite bands lately has been Faded Paper Figures. Lil Miss Cathy told me about them a handful of months ago and I have been in audio bliss ever since. The vocals, sound mixing, and dynamics are all so amazing and heavenly. The lyrics are clever as hell, and take me back to my college days studying film theory.

Anyway, we heard that they were playing a show at Slidebar in Fullerton, so of course we went. I had never been to Slidebar before and read some horrible reviews on yelp, so I was expecting to hate the place. My impression of the venue was quite the contrary! Perhaps it had to do with the lineup last night? The crowd was not at all “bros and hos” as reviewers described it to be. The bouncers were fine, the crowd was cool. Everything was A-OK.


Moving on, when we arrived, a young lady by the name of Stacy Clark was playing. It was just her vocals and guitar but we were instantly fans. Her lyrics were relatable and her voice was very original (slightly reminiscent of Sherri DuPree of Eisley). Cathy and I talked to her a bit after the show and purchased her album Apples and Oranges. That was $5 well spent! I think it’s available on iTunes as well. I listened to it on the way to work this morning, and so far my favorite track is Hello Again. It’s one of those songs that makes you feel like it was written about you, or, I guess, about me. I recommend this album. And check out the cover art! So beautifully done.


Next up was our beloved Faded Paper Figures, except the announcer called them “Faded Paper Fingers.” I thought that was funny.

John of Faded Paper Figures posing for the camera!

The band played an amazing set. It’s always a great experience finally seeing a band live that you listen to almost everyday either at work or on the road. It’s like finally meeting a friend you’ve been getting to know online. It’s a nice feeling.

North by North from Tatiana Jimenez on Vimeo.

They played a great show and I hope that they continue making great music and playing together. Also! I recommend their album Dynamo. Available on iTunes (I currently have it on my iPhone. I loooovveee it.)


And there you have it.

So! Regarding my last post about the supposed Jakes show at eVocal – we ended up leaving after the first act. Sorry! We left early for several reasons. First of all I must say, eVocal as a space/store/venue/gallery was great. Here are some visuals:





Aside from the well designed/organized environment, I shall explain why we left pretty early:

  1. I’m old, and need my beauty sleep. I overheard someone from the Jakes say to some guy “We’re going on at 9:30,” to which I said to myself “Oh hell no, it’s Tuesday, that’s late.
  2. I felt like I was in an episode of Laguna Beach. I was surrounded by blonde, tanned, and Hurley-clad teens and started getting flashbacks of awkward high school moments. To add to this, these kids were obnoxious. I’m all for young people coming out to support local artists/musicians, but I was sleepy and not having it.
  3. There was a teen couple grinding next to me… like… really? Control your hormones, this is not the Boogie, or whatever club the kids are going to these days.
  4. The opening band Dolphin City was projecting video onto the wall behind them. That’s cool. I can appreciate that. Except for when the video is of a woman having intercourse, and the camera is focused on her face the whole time. That was a little disturbing and distracting. I had to situate myself so this tall guy’s head could block the sight of her face.

And there you have it.  Oh! But I did get my breakfast burrito, and BELIEVE THE HYPE. It was excellent.

In other news, a few weeks ago I googled “Project Runway” to see if Lifetime has updated it’s site with new contestant information for the Season 6 premiere on August 20th. To my dismay, they had not. A Lifetime site didn’t even show up in the search results (I looked through page 5), until today. Their SEO department needs to get on top of optimizing Project Runway… as of today, the Lifetime site shows up on the 3rd page of the google results. No bueno, Lifetime. BravoTV still comes up at the number one spot.  Blogging Project Runway wrote a nice memo a month ago regarding some issues that they had, which is a good read, and they make some excellent points. I know, as a HUGE fan of the show, I like to read some show teasers before the new season airs. So far, they don’t have much to offer. Although, their site is nice to look at…


AND I’m excited about Models of the Runway, a show that will air at 11pm right after our beloved PR, giving the viewers a glimpse into the world of the PR models. Unfortunately, there is no link where I can read more about this on their site. Lame! I guess I will just have to be patient. Hopefully Lifetime understands how important this show is to its fans and will be either equally or more awesome than Bravo. Only time will tell…

The Jakes @ eVocal in Costa Mesa, or: An excuse to get an Alejandros breakfast burrito

So, across the street from the home of my favorite breakfast burrito of all time is a place I’ve never been to before called eVocal. I’ve always admired the neat signage from afar, and today I guess I will finally be checking it out. KROQ is hosting a free show at eVocal with The Jakes as the headlining act. Stay tuned for photos and my oh so important thoughts. (Ha!) Right now I’m mostly excited about that breakfast burrito…