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A Little February Update

Image Credit: Kelsey Garrity Riley

This last month has flown by. People aren’t lying when they tell you that time flies as you get older. I feel like, because I am constantly either inventing or finding ways to fill my evenings and weekends, I don’t ever really have time to do nothing – which is really important. But I’m not complaining, I have a pretty cool life, and I’m thankful for that. BUT, of course, down time means watching quality (and sometimes poor quality) television. YES, my roomie and I have been addicted to this season of The Bachelor, which is horrifyingly catty and bad for women… but it’s SO ADDICTIVE. Also, I’m still pissed that he didn’t give Kacie B. a rose. What’s up with that, BEN!? In quality news, I just finished Season 2, episode 5 of Downton Abbey. I love this show so much. Lady Mary, just tell Matthew you love him already. I mean, really. Don’t marry that bland millionaire.

I’m visiting home again next month to celebrate my Dad’s birthday… and I guess my birthday too, since we share the same birthday. Kinda cool, right? I’m often told it is. My Dad is pretty rad, so I’m excited to give him his gifts and celebrate his general awesomeness.

This week I was lucky to catch a fun show at Hotel Utah here in San Francisco. Tornado Rider and Lake Street Dive both performed and both were exceptionally talented. I had so much fun, and can’t wait to catch another show.

In geeky news, my friend put together a small business book club, and I’m really excited about it. Although I’m missing the first meeting, the group is full of pretty amazing people… and gives me that mushy “San Francisco is so awesome” feeling.

“Have fun at Prohibition tonight!”

No, I didn’t teleport back into the 1920s. We’re talkin’ good ol’ fashioned television here. The educational kind, brought to us by a bunch of really nice foundations and Viewers Like You. Programs also known as brain food… yes, even if you’re consuming old timey cocktails while watching.

Anyway, my friends alerted me to the great documentary filmmaker that is Ken Burns when they were on a Civil War kick. Let’s be honest, I was really excited about his documentary Civil War, but I fell asleep twice during the first episode and decided that that just wasn’t happening for me. BUT, I was excited about his latest 3-part documentary Prohibition, and still am, since the last episode airs tonight at 8pm Pacific Time on PBS. Tune in to find out if prohibition gets repealed! I know I’m waiting in anticipation to find out.

If you don’t have a television, or would like to watch from the beginning, you can HERE <-- on the PBS website. Also, according to this site, the first episode is streaming for free via the PBS iPad video app. Either way, check it out.

This post was brought to you by the letter T (for teetotaler) and the number 6 (as in the number of hours of sleep I’ll be getting tonight because I can’t seem to peel myself away from my computer screen). Cheers!

Wednesday Inspiration: Clarence from Wonder Showzen

Aside from Daria, Beavis and Butthead, and Sorority Life (remember that show?), Wonder Showzen was one of my favorite shows on MTV. This piece in particular will always stick with me. Not only was Clarence one of the most annoying puppets, maybe of all time, but he also taught us an important lesson – that it’s important to be patient.  And sometimes, even when it’s really hard to be patient, for some reason – it’s still important to be patient… or maybe more importantly to try to find a way to escape from whatever is making you feel impatient .

And since I couldn’t find the video clip of Clarence talking to people about being patient, here’s a clip of the Beat Kids segment. Sing it with me! Kids on the beat, kids on the street – beat kids!

Breakfast with a side of Lucy

Sometimes, there’s no better way to start your weekend than with a cup of coffee, eggs and a few episodes of I Love Lucy. I love the episodes with celebrity guest stars!

Lucille Ball and Van Johnson

Halloween is almost here…

and I haven’t even seen Bravo’s Scariest Movie Moments Countdown on my TV this year! Something is wrong with a network when they don’t air probably the best thing to happen to themed countdowns. If anyone knows when Bravo will be airing it, please let a sista know.

Anyway. In lieu of the amazing countdown of movie moments, here’s a fun, quick video that I’m sure you’ve seen, BUT YOU NEED TO SEE IT AGAIN. Because it’s spooky, and scary. Enjoy.