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Things things things

Sometimes life feels like it’s moving way faster than the speed limit. What is the speed limit of life? I don’t know, exactly, but things are moving at around 90 miles per hour these days. There’s so much I’d like to do/accomplish but so little time! So, I’m writing it out here. Why? Why not.

Business-Owning Bad-Ass

Well, not really, but doesn’t that sound catchy and awesome? I recently applied for a business license for my brand Babushka Designs in the county of San Francisco. It arrived on Saturday! Yayyyyy. What does this mean? It’s time to get serious…-er. I have so many ideas in this 8 lb. brain of mine (and in my fancy molskine) but time is the most important factor. I have 3 more slipper styles in the works, a handful of hats and some rad neckties that I need to finish up and get in the shop.

What’s that smell?

In other handmade news, have you seen my bedroom? And by my bedroom I more specifically mean, the pile of thrifted gold that’s laying on the floor? No? Well good because it’s crazy. I have about 5 dresses, 4 skirts and a sweater that I’ve accumulated over the past 6 or so months that need my attention. These things are dying to be worn around this kick ass town. I will be all over that this weekend, fo sho.

Working it.

In more techy news, mama needs to revamp her sad little website. I’ve been so focused on my blog and other web and print design projects that my personal site has fallen by the wayside. But, baby steps are acceptable at this point in time, so I will start by updating my portfolio, and adding a pdf of work samples to my blog. I think that would suffice, for now at least. As usual, I have big plans.

Anyway, I hope you all are having a wonderful Tuesday! Sorry this post is sans-photos (ahem, Cathy).

Upcycle Sunday: Back In Action


I know, I know. It’s been a while. But I’m back with my sewing machine, scissors and mind grapes to bring you upcycled thrift finds. Today, we are going to turn a men’s long sleeved button up shirt into a cute pencil skirt.
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Thrifting in SF

Today my roommate and I are off to Goodwill in the Mission to scope out the furniture scene. Hopefully we’ll find something cute and comfy for our living room… but secretly I have another, more exciting quest. Faux. Fur. Coat.

1930s Fur

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Upcycle Sundays!

Hello lovelies! I hope everyone is having a happy Mother’s Day. We strategically celebrated with my mom last night in efforts to enjoy a Mother’s Day dinner sans the crowds. It was delish and the evening continued with a viewing of our guilty pleasure flick: Twilight.

So! Today I decided that I should head over to my favorite thrift store and see what treasures I could find. This lead me to the idea of creating this new segment for Tatiana Supports the Arts that I shall call Upcycle Sundays. Every Sunday I will bring you visuals or the occasional tutorial showing how you too can help reduce your carbon footprint and reduce waste by reusing and upcycling materials that already exist. Why buy brand new for $30+ when you can make it yourself for less than $5. I’ll show you how my dears.

In this segment of Upcycle Sundays, I bring you a very very simple (and my first ever) tutorial. I don’t always alter or sew by the book, so please don’t take my suggestions as gospel. Here we go… in this tutorial we will take an XL man’s cotton t-shirt purchased from my local thrift store for $1.50, and reconstruct it into a cute, light summer blouse.


The first step to this t-shirt reconstruction project is cutting off the collar and the sleeves. Try to cut as neatly as possible to make your life easier in later steps.


The next thing you want to do is try on the shirt. We are making a v-neck so you want to measure and mark how deep you would like your v-neck to dip. Mark the v-neck path with pins.


Go ahead and fold your shirt in half so you can cut the V in one swoop; think back to kindergarten Valentine’s day cards… folding the paper in half to make a heart. Same idea, different shape.


This next step is not entirely necessary, but I like to do this to keep things neat and polished. Fold a hem around the front and back of the freshly cut neck of your shirt at 1/4″ and iron.


Take that to your trusty sewing machine and sew that baby up, and make sure your hem looks good! I used a straight stitch here. Now, try your shirt on again and measure up the side; pinch and pin! You can also use your dress form for measuring, but sometimes I feel like things fit better when I just fit it directly to my body.


After you’ve pinned, sew it up! I used a zig zag stitch here. Go ahead and try on the shirt again to make any additional alterations. Once everything looks peachy, I like to make an additinal zig zag stitch up each side just to be safe.


And voila! Since summer is quickly approaching, I decided to veto sleeves for this shirt. It looks cute and breezy without them. Enjoy!

From Chaos Comes Clarity

So, after seeing 311 this past Saturday night, I can pretty much die a very very happy lady. I rocked out to the songs that got me through high school, and totally remembered why I loved them so much. I, sadly, had slightly forgotten. In anticipation of the sounds of 311 taking me back to my high school state of mind, I wore my bright red Converse sneakers just as an inside joke to myself.

In other news, my roommate and I went to the Long Beach Antique Market on Sunday and boy oh boy was it hot!
Fra-gee-lee… that must be Italian
I don’t know why… but I assumed it would be indoors so I didn’t wear any sunblock. Needless to say my skin is pretty mad at me today. BUT I found a lot of great deals. I was surprised by the wide variety of goodies the Antique Market vendors had to offer. From vintage clothing to old comic books and action figures. There was something for everyone. My favorite find of the day was a Paul de Longpre framed print for only $5. Yeow Yeow. All in all good times were had.

Anyhoo, it’s been a while since I’ve last updated, so here’s a little visual update:

Otis College of Art and Design Senior Exhibit, Chandra Mallaroy, Harajuku Charm Doll Otis College of Art and Design Senior Exhibit, Disney Costume ReDesign
Otis College of Art and Design Senior Exhibit

Otis College of Art and Design Senior Exhibit Rocking out to Nephilim.

Helping the sister re-vamp an old thrift store shirt Experimenting with screenprinting

Being a good Bridal Shower co-host These sandwiches were my fave.