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A Bit Homesick

The lights of Highway 18

This past week in San Francisco has been a warm one… well, we had 3 days of highs in the 80s. Today we’re back to the 60s, but during those days of blissful heat, I really started to miss my hometown and my fam.

So! Homeward bound I must go! I decided to fly down mid-September, which oddly enough is the same time I moved to SF last year. Anyway, I’m excited to see my fam, Bri & Richard and to just feel the dry hot hot heat of the desert… basically, get my fix and promptly return to my naturally air-conditioned city.

I Saw the Sign: Victorville Edition

Image: Victorville, California circa 1935

I haven’t been back to Southern California to visit my family and hometown since the holidays, so a few friends and I decided to drive down road trip-style last weekend. We left good ole’ San Francisco Thursday evening and got to our respective hometowns at a semi-respectable hour. read more »

El Mustache

Note reads: “Check out the mustache. Jackson was Hispanic!”

Last weekend when I was home, my parents left some cash on the counter so I could pick up dinner (ahhh, the perks of visiting home!). Along with the cash was the above note. I chuckled out loud. I obviously took a photo with my iPhone. I was way too amused by it. If any of you were wondering where I get my sense of humor, this note from my Dad pretty much explains it.