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“Have fun at Prohibition tonight!”

No, I didn’t teleport back into the 1920s. We’re talkin’ good ol’ fashioned television here. The educational kind, brought to us by a bunch of really nice foundations and Viewers Like You. Programs also known as brain food… yes, even if you’re consuming old timey cocktails while watching.

Anyway, my friends alerted me to the great documentary filmmaker that is Ken Burns when they were on a Civil War kick. Let’s be honest, I was really excited about his documentary Civil War, but I fell asleep twice during the first episode and decided that that just wasn’t happening for me. BUT, I was excited about his latest 3-part documentary Prohibition, and still am, since the last episode airs tonight at 8pm Pacific Time on PBS. Tune in to find out if prohibition gets repealed! I know I’m waiting in anticipation to find out.

If you don’t have a television, or would like to watch from the beginning, you can HERE <-- on the PBS website. Also, according to this site, the first episode is streaming for free via the PBS iPad video app. Either way, check it out.

This post was brought to you by the letter T (for teetotaler) and the number 6 (as in the number of hours of sleep I’ll be getting tonight because I can’t seem to peel myself away from my computer screen). Cheers!

Thursday Inspiration: Vintage Cartoon Typography

What’s up, doc[s]? I’ve decided to start throwing the inspiring image-stuffs I find online, print collateral I scan, or photos I take of things I stumble upon into a Flickr set called Graphic Design Inspiration. Here’s my first image in the set. I found it while perusing Molly Crabapple‘s Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School site (which is amaaazing). Definitely check it out. Inspiring image lies below!


What about Prom, Blaine? What about Prom!

Any excuse I have to quote my favorite movie, I take. Clearly. So, Saturday night was the annual employee dinner and the theme this year was PROM. Since I’m a huge fan of anything that gives me a chance to dress up, I took this opportunity to finally use this vintage pattern that I bought at a Vintage Expo in Santa Monica a few years ago. (Pssst, I made the dress on the right).

Sew Easy? More like, Sew Not Easy. Like what I did there? read more »

Sewing to the 80s

I’ve taken a mini break from crocheting to work on this dress that I’m planning on wearing to a work party. Yay! I haven’t sewn a dress from scratch in… er… well over a year. That is not good! This past weekend I went fabric shopping with a friend and found this fabulous mustard fabric that totally works for a vintage pattern that I bought at a vintage expo a few years ago. It’s a super cute 1960′s buttoned dress. I’ll post more photos when it’s complete! For now, you get this teaser photo.

As much as I love crocheting in front of the TV, I really do love sewing and listening to The Cure station on Pandora. Serious ear candy… Depeche Mode, Smashing Pumpkins, and my beloved New Order. Music is so inspiring, but I probably didn’t need to tell you that.

Gonna take ‘er down to Thunder Road

This year I spent Thanksgiving day at the mister’s family’s house about 2 hours outside of San Francisco. Everything was great… and I opted to take a photo in their 1957 Thunderbird. If I look nervous, it’s because I was. I was sitting in an antique! Ugh. It was a beauty.