Birthday Month – Embarking Upon My 28th Year

“How old are you now?” – my dad asks me, pretty much every year on my birthday. This year I answered, “28,” since that is technically my age (I still feel 24, just smarter), and he replied with a face that read “hot damn, ouch, oh lord help you, you’re getting old,” and then I gave him my faux mal de ojo and we chowed down on some Fresh Banana Cheesecake and everything was dandy.

Actual cheesecake, shortly before it was devoured.

I feel like 28 is going to be a great year, and apparently my Chinese horoscope agrees with this (hey fellow rats!). Here are some other things that happened this month:

1.) Casino time with Mom

San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino in San Bernardino, CA

$50 in free play from your local casino? Why wouldn’t you want to go?! I did and won a nice chunk o’change. Most importantly I got to spend the day hanging with my Mom, which was the best part. The buffet was also a plus. In addition to having too much fun at the penny slots, it was great to be home visiting family and friends… and finally try that Buffalo Wild Wings place I keep seeing on the TV.

2.) Handmade Birthday Cards

“Hold on tight, spider monkey.

Each year I receive a handmade birthday card from Cathy. Last year’s featured Lil Jon and a ilustrated version of me vomiting from drinking to many “Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots!” This year I’m being admired by one Edward Cullen. Much more pleasant, right?

3.) Hanging with Rocio

Roc and I in a great vintage furniture shop on Valencia Street

My good friend Rocio was in the Bay Area for a conference, so we got to hang out! Always great to see her. We explored the fun shops on Valencia Street and later ordered in because it was FREEZING outside.

4.) House of Prime Rib

I first learned about House of Prime Rib on No Reservations and wanted to check it out immediately… this was almost 3 years ago, so it was about time I went. I figured my birthday would be the best time to drag my friends with me — and in actuality, everyone was really stoked to go, which was awesome. It was not a disappointing experience. That salad! Those cocktails! That cute corn bread thing! I need to go again, and soon.

5.) A Gift to Myself

So, this is what I got myself for my birthday. Don’t even act like you don’t buy yourself birthday gifts. And don’t make me reference “Treat Yo Self” and force you to watch the YouTube video. (Side note: Can Parks and Rec come back now, please?) Anyway, a friend I highly respect suggested this book, so I picked up a copy and am SO HAPPY I did. It’s pretty stellar.

6.) Cathy in SF!

My good friend Cathy road-tripped up to San Francisco to celebrate her birthday (yay, fellow Pisces!). She drove up with her BF, and our friend Maggie from college drove up from San Jose to spend the day in the city. (Anteater reunion!) We all went to Alcatraz (which explains the ever-so-stylish ponchos in the photo) and it was a soggy morning… particularly for those of us who decided against wearing rain boots (ahem, me). Anyway, it made for another great memory with these ladies and I want them to come back ASAP… or move here. Moving here would be more than acceptable.

And that concludes my birthday month, 2012! Thanks to everyone who made it extra special.

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  1. catooey
    Posted April 4, 2012 at 10:35 pm | Permalink

    I feel like… this is an indirect dedicated post to me :) I heart you!

    Thanks for making our drive to Market/4th so memorable. “Cathy…? Cathy…? Where are you? Oh! I just saw you going the opposite way. I’m cold and I’m all wet [from the rain].”

    PS. I’m an aries… I hold grudges. However, Rihanna is a pisces.


    tatiana Reply:

    Oh! Haha. I should have known you were an Aries. :P Fabio is probably my favorite Pisces, aside from my Dad and myself. I miss you!!!


  2. kendra
    Posted April 10, 2012 at 2:50 pm | Permalink

    Fabio is a Pisces? Who knew! Guys, I miss you loads and think you should all roadtrip across the ocean to visit me. Ad then we can all have a belated March babies birthday party. Throw Traci into your luggage and bring her along, too!

    Year 28 is going to be amazing for everyone! I can feel it in my old bones.


    tatiana Reply:

    Yessss! Omg that would be amazing. We definitely need to do a group trip to England (looks at sugar mama Cathy).


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