Let’s Get Visual – Adding Video to the Skata Products Website

You may recall a website I made for Skata Products about a year ago. It was a lot of fun creating a website for such a cool product. This time around the client wanted to add some videos to their site to help convey how their Decorative Wall Stamps can really transform an interior space.

The video was supplied by the client, and I just did some simple edits in Windows Movie Maker. I designed some title cards, popped them in the video timeline, and voila, we had ourselves some short How-To videos.

I’m not a film-editor by trade, but I did make a handful of independent films in my high school video production class, and am accustomed to using Final Cut Pro (when I was in high school, we used the very first version! I’m beginning to feel old). Anyway, Windows Movie Maker in comparison is like someone my age playing with a Playskool toy. It’s way too simple for me, and I was pretty frustrated by that. But, I made it work. The only thing I wish I could have done – which I would be able to do in Final Cut, if I had the program – would be to have the logo floating over the pesky time/date stamp at the bottom. But, oh well.

All in all I think these How-To videos really add an extra element to the Skata Products website and helps consumers visualize how the Decorative Wall Stamps can enhance and jazz up their space. In addition to sticking the videos on their site, I also created a YouTube channel where customers can subscribe and be notified of the latest video uploads.

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